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World Class Machine Tool Technology

Since   1984,   Hillary   Machinery   has   continually   advanced   its   position   as a   regional   market   leader   by   offering   world   class   machine   tool   products .     From   milling ,   turning ,   grinding ,   waterjet ,   automation    to   cutting   tools   & fluids ,    Hillary    Machinery    provides    a    complete    end-to-end    product solution     to     small,     medium     and     large     job     shops     and     contract manufacturers   as   well   as   customized   industry   solutions    to   OEM’s   and tier 1 suppliers.

Responsive Local Support

Backed   by   direct   and   indirect   OEM   support,   Hillary   Machinery’s   local service   and   applications    team   operates   with   one   primary   goal;   get   your machine   up   and   running   in   the   shortest   amount   of   time   and   keep   it running   smoothly   and   efficiently,   so   you   can   meet   your   goals.       Our major     builders     employ     factory     engineers     and     factory     trained technicians    in    the    USA    and    stock    millions    of    dollars    in    critical replacement   parts    in   the   USA   to   ensure   that   your   machines   maintain the highest uptime possible.